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Version 2.0

April 2nd, 2006 17 comments

First:  Thank you to everyone who contributed a comment so far.  Much appreciated.

A quick recap:

Our challenge…

To use the Internet to get a small portion of the mass of video testimonials we’ve collected over the years out of our warehouse and into a form that:

1. Demonstrates the volume of testimonials we have and

2. Does it in such a way that it’s easy for visitors to find their way around

If you didn’t see our first attempt, you may want to skip to the next article and look at Version 1.0 and then come back before you see Version 2.0. (See "What Do You Think?")

The biggest problem wih Version 1.0: Overload.

We succeeded in making the point that we have a lot of video testimonials from our clients, but we missed the boat on making the site easy to navigate, in particular, making it easy for the visitor to find videos relevant to him or her.

The puzzle was how to fix the problem without spending an arm and a leg and burning weeks of time.

How would you have "fixed" Version 1.0 and done it fast and cheap?

Take a look at how we did it…

Version 2.0:

Let me know what you.


P.S. The speed with which we were able to make the changes was thanks to a proprietary Internet video display system we created.  Details to be released at System 2006.

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What do you think?

March 29th, 2006 39 comments

Hi guys and gals,

Brad Fallon showed us all what’s possible with Internet video for product demonstrations, but what about companies that sell intangibles.

In my case, I sell advice and training (with a dash of insight) in the form of seminars and home study programs. How do you demonstrate the value of education with video?

One answer, I think, is customer testimonials.  My challenge is how to convey the total mass of testimonials  I have without showing hours of video.

Here’s my first experiment in this area.  Please take a look and then post what you think. (Don’t worry about hurting my feelings.  I’m looking for ways to improve, not for a pat on the back.)

How can we make it better? Is there a better way to attack the problem?


Thanks to Joe Chapuis for making this project happen.

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