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Cell phone (mobile) marketing

May 17th, 2007

A lot of people are counting on it becoming huge – marketing to people’s cell phones and mobile devices.

I do believe that these devices – now in 75% of American homes – will take an increasingly central place in people’s lives, but I also believe that marketers who think they can impose ad models on mobile from other mediums may find themselves in for a rude awakening.

Some numbers from Forester Research:

1. Only 16% are interested in free downloads (like ring tones) in exchange for watching ads
2. Only 15% are interested in entering a code from a product or advertisement
3. Only 14% are interested in loyalty programs or frequent-shopper cards tied to their cell number
4. Only 12% are interested in listening to audo ads in exchange for free director assistance
5. Only 11% want to see ads next to mobile maps or directions
6. Only 7% want to see ads in mobile games
7. Only 6% want to see banners on the top of a mobile web page
8. Only 4% want to see text messages from advertisers
9. Only 3% want to receive cell phone calls from advertisers

Do these results mean that all these models are doomed?

Not at all. When the first banner ad appeared on a web home page there was a near cyber-riot among early Internet users. People learned to acccept them – and ignore them.

I think models that trade a value (download or service) in exchange for a consumer’s agreeing to listen to an ad might work and whether folks like it or not, there will be banner ads on mobile pages, ads next to mobile maps and directions, and advertising in mobile games.

Also, for sure, people who are interested in a product will text message a code to get more information and that may be  one of the most immediate uses for us’n.

No one wants to opt-in or be on another mailing list – unless the goodie they’re being offered is immediately relevent to their interests and passions. When that’s the case, consumers don’t think twice about sharing info about themselves.

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  1. May 29th, 2007 at 12:46 | #1

    thanks for sharing those percentages, starting to read I got discouraged, I’m starting a mobile – based – broadcast endeavour and well… But at the end you saved it !!! I feel the same, of course you’d rather have the directory assistance info quicker without ads BUT if you get it FREE with the add I’m sure you’ll opt for that 🙂

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