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“Attention jazz fans…”

January 3rd, 2009

Can you put your offering in a headline with the formula "Attention (fill in the blank)"?

If not, you may have what I call a "diffused" (widely scattered) audience.

Not that "diffused" and "difficult" start with the
same four letters. 

I could also add to that the word "diffident" which means "lacking in confidence" – something marketers who don't have a
clear target in mind eventually become.

The solution is another "diff" word: differentiate, one meaning of which is "to make specialized or distinct."

If you're aiming at a target, it helps a lot if there's one clear target and there's a big red bulls eye painted on it.

What does this have to do with monetizing web video?

A lot.

are many fascinating topics in the world, but unless you want to become
like "YouTube" what you're really looking for is not a topic, but a
clearly differentiated market.

One of the bells your advertising MUST ring in your prospect's mind if you want to be successful is the "This is for ME!" bell.

That's hard to do if you're trying to be all things to all people.

I see this mistake being made over and over again.

you're YouTube, maybe you can get away with it (though I'm not sure that YouTube with its tens of billions of views is doing that well. )

But if have e a one-person operation (or one that aspires to run "lean and mean" forever) you need tightly focused targets.

true that one micro-market might not be enough to support you, but if
you target a micro-market you will get that business to its natural critical mass
much faster and you'll get a much better yield on the market you attract. Then,
once that enterprise is on solid ground, you can start another one.

What does all this have to so with marketing video on the web?

A lot.

Here's an example of someone who "gets" this.

If you're a jazz fan, you will LOVE it and will want to subscribe and tell all your fellow jazz fans about it.

If you're not, you should still study what this guy is doing. Simplicity can be deceiving.



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