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11,000,000+ video views in 2008

December 29th, 2008

I'd didn't have much time for blogging this year.

Instead I spent my free time making and promoting videos.

(Hint: Making and promoting Internet videos pays better than blogging.)

Results: We crossed the 11,000,000 video view mark for 2008 yesterday. No one is more shocked than me.

Total costs to host, serve and promote?

Less than $100 for the year.

Net revenue (entirely from AdSense): a hair less than 1 cent per view. 

Total time spent: 15 to 20 minutes per day – every day.

If you do the math on the return on my time (assume 20 minutes a day and 1.2 cents per view), you will discover something interesting.

See? I told you Internet video was for real 🙂

It took me two and years of modest, steady effort to get it to this point. Note the word steady. This is not get rich quick. On the other hand, with constant tending, the revenue is virtually bullet proof – and it grows.

The tools I used: YouTube, aweber and a very simple web site. And that's it.

Later when realized what I was doing had promise, I created a custom page creation/content manager program to speed up the page creation process and allow me to track my stats easier.

I explained this unique video publishing system in detail at the Smart Beginners seminar in Chicago and at the UK Intensive in London. The people who attended those seminars were very smart indeed.

I will not be teaching it again in a public setting again until the fall of 2009 at the earliest. Watch this space for details.


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