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Answers to questions

January 24th, 2006

Answers to questions…and questions to answers

* Something to think about

If yellow page use and television commercial
viewing is declining, where is all that ad money
going to go?

McCarthy’s Rule of Money:

"Money doesn’t sit still and when it chooses
a new favorite, it starts slow and then moves

* How long has this been going on?

From a report by the Australian Film Commission
(late 2004)

Production of television commercials is stable,
but a substantial number of production
companies (41%) are now producing commercials
for other media.

The most common non-TV related commercial

The Internet.

* Gates vs. Jobs Part II

An intriguing analysis comparing and contrasting
the presentation styles of Gates and Jobs.

Does this fluffy stuff really matter?

Only if your revenue is ever influenced by
how well you present ideas…


* Conferences ‘R Us

Hot deals on conference tickets on a wide variety of topics.


* Flash World

There are many situations where Flash works better than
video and there is something to be said for designing
a sight, sound and action presenation on a desktop as
opposed to a studio where lights, microphones, and
human beings must all work at the same time – with the
clock running.

The Grand Central Station of Flash fanatics: 


Flash design tip:

Make sure your Flash presentations don’t  *look*
like Flash presentations…

* Mystery code solved!

What is this?



* A Java script: .js

* Originally produced by a company called Urchin…

* That was acquired by Google in March of 2005…

* To provide free (for now)…

* Web site visitor tracking and analysis

Subscriber consensus is it’s pretty good – and free is
a pretty low price.

Google’s explanation: http://www.google.com/analytics

Some "under the hood" details here:


Thanks to everyone who sent in answers and comments that
were used in this issue.



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