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Jobs or Gates?

January 5th, 2006

Who’s your personal computing hero?

Steve Jobs or Bill Gates?

There’s never been any competition
as far as I’m concerned.

New product demos from the master…


(Watch for the Video iPod demo at 22:32)


Posted: January 5, 2006

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  1. March 2nd, 2006 at 18:13 | #1

    I have to say both. I am huge fan of both men but for different reasons.
    Gates should be obvious, a business genius no doubt who built a modern day empire and has almost completely “bulletproofed” his business. NOBODY else will be dominating your desktop in the near future like Mr. Gates.
    He also soundly defeated Jobs in the battle for the desktop, no question about it. Jobs had a shot but he blinked and lost the war.
    Jobs is a visionary genius. I love just hearing him speak. Imagination, dedication to quality, flexibility all define Steve Jobs.
    It’s hard not to give Jobs the nod but Gates is so underrated, focused, influential and a master of strategy in my book he just has to be up there on the podium with Steve.

  2. October 24th, 2006 at 11:03 | #2

    Mr Gates is a bussinessman with vision. Mr Jobs is a vissionary who has had to learn how to market to business. Mr Gates has a head start and Mr Jobs is catching up.

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