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Welcome to the Internet Video Marketing Newsletter

December 15th, 2005

Faster computers, bigger bandwidth, better compression, the emergence of universal video standards like Flash and QuickTime…

All these things add up to one thing:

Video on the Internet is on the verge of making the big breakout that so many of us have been waiting for.

What will this mean to you as a marketer?

That’s what the System Internet Video Marketing Newsletter is all about.

— A quick introduction

In case you don’t already know me, here’s a short bio…

In 1994, I organized and sponsored
the first conference on the subject of marketing on the Web ever.

It was held in San Francisco in November of 1994 and Marc Andreessen, the inventor of the web browser was the keynote speaker.

Even way back then, I was already researching the potential of
distributing video on the Internet.  I was a tad bit early on that one

Since 1994, we’ve done a good job of both not only identifying
Internet marketing trends early, but also providing training and
education in newly developing areas of opportunity.

For example, in 2000 my company was one of the first – if not the
first – to offer comprehensive, sophisticated trainings on how to
integrate the
then new world of pay-per-click search engines into marketing campaigns.

My main focus now is an annual conference and training event for Internet marketers called The System Seminar.

The System Seminar has consistently been a place where new trends in
Internet marketing are discussed months, and sometimes years, ahead of
the market.

But enough about me… let’s talk about video marketing on the Internet.

— Welcome to the new Internet

A very astute colleague of mine who specializes in buying and
selling major catalog and  direct marketing companies announced not
long ago that "The Internet died in 2004."

At first I thought he cooked that up just for shock value, but the more I thought of it, the more I realized he was right.

Just as the Web wiped out the old BBS (computer bulletin board) world, Internet video has the
very real potenial to do the same to the Web as we’ve come to know it.

One of the things that made the Web so powerful back in 1993 was its
ability to integrate still  pictures and graphics with text. That
little  improvement was enough to blow away the entire BBS world in the
space of just a few years. 

The reality is that MOVING pictures with sound will trump the ‘old’
Web the same way the Web trumped the old text-only online services. 

Especially for marketers… ESPECIALLY for marketers.

— Reality check

Some people would have you believe that
integrating video with your web marketing >is easy and that anyone can do it if you  just buy the right box.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Profiting from the new world of opportunity that’s coming will not be a matter of simply
buying some equipment and learning where to  plug it in.

It’s going to be a little more involved  than that.

And that’s actually very good news.

You see, the vast majority of your competitors are not going to make the cut.

They’re either going to ignore Internet video altogether or they’re
going to waste prodigious amounts of time and money going down blind

You, on the other hand, with the help of this newsletter, will find
your way with a minimum of fuss and muss and put yourself in place to
snatch all the marbles in your particular markeplace.   

— How this newsletter will help you get there

The purpose of the System Video Newsletter  is to get you into the new Internet game  with a minimum of wasted energy.

If you decide to get involved in Internet video, the advice you
receive here could easily be worth thousands, if not tens of thousands
of dollars to you.

I recommend that you create a file for these e-mails and that you read every one.

Each new issue will begin with the same  subject line: — System Video:

The most important piece of advice I can share with you as we get
started comes from Abraham Lincoln – believe it or not –  and it’s
going to be the guiding spirit of this newsletter:

"If you have eight hours to cut down a tree, spend six hours sharpening your ax."

In other words, take the time to build
your foundation of understanding first.  Then dive into the fray.

I guarantee things will work out better for you that way.

— Links to examples of Internet video

The first step to learning how to use a new
medium is to consume lots of it.

No one ever learned to write well without doing a lot of reading. No one ever learned
to make good movies without studying other film makers.

It’s the same with Internet video. 

To help you on your way, each issue of the >System Video
Newsletter will have links  to one or more Internet video web sites…

No frothing-at-the-mouth sales pitches.

Instead sites where people are using Internet video in interesting and provocative ways.

Our first visit will be to the web site of the company that many
believe holds the key to the Internet video puzzle: Macromedia, the
developer of Flash, the video file format that could be to video what
Acrobat is to eBooks.

Here’s the site where Macromedia showcases its  customers’ work… 36 examples of Internet videos  for your examination.






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