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Short and sweet

January 12th, 2006

Here’s a site that uses some interesting
tricks. Most noticeably it integrates
flash animation with video.

But you’ve seen all this before by now,
haven’t you?

What’s really interesting about this site
is its content.

It comes from an online savvy ad agency based
in Birmingham, Alabama that’s very
forthcoming about the methods it uses to
help its customers generate more leads and
close more sales.

I’m not so sure I’d give as much away
as they do on their site, but apparently
they’re not worried.

They even post their client list with
the phone numbers of their contacts at
each firm.

Talk about transparency!

By all means, check out the entire site,
but make sure you click on the lower silver
button on the left…

The one that says "Video Overview"
(NOT the one that says video message.)

It’s a short and sweet tutorial on how
to link basic Internet marketing tools
together – with a dash of video – for
maximum impact.

Very impressive.

You’ll definitely come away with an idea
or two you can use right away for your
own marketing. I certainly did.      




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  1. March 2nd, 2006 at 07:18 | #1

    The CustomerConnection message (both video and voice) reminds me of the videos and slide shows we used for sales presentations in the 70s and 80s. They were so professionally done compared to most of the hastily put together messages we see on the Internet now.
    The CustomerConnection transparency is great. They clearly have enough confidence in their own abilities that they don’t feel the need to hide their methods from the competition.
    Their openness reminds me of a client of mine (a book publisher) who was afraid that competitors would copy her web pages and duplicate (steal) her business ideas. Once she realized how much work and skill was needed to do things right, her attitude changed completely.
    For the last six years, she has been totally open with potential competitors, inviting them to follow her example. There hasn’t been a single taker, because none of them was ready to make the effort needed for a professional result.
    Ken, thanks for pointing out CustomerConnection. It’s reassuring to see that the time-tested, customer-oriented sales approach is alive and well amidst all the get-rich-quick hucksters vying for our attention.
    Don Coggan

  2. Sandy
    September 17th, 2006 at 18:37 | #2

    I have tried to access the Customer Connection but all I get is some print in a very small font. I am using Firefox. Can you help?

  3. December 13th, 2006 at 07:36 | #3

    …for those having trouble viewing videos while using FireFox, I have found success on my PC by holding the Ctrl/Alt down and hitting Delete to view the Windows Task Manager then the Processes tab. Find the FireFox.exe process and highlight it then hit “end process”. This usually allows me to view videos. Otherise I’ve uninstalled FireFox to see the videos. This is quite annoying but I’ve been to the Mozilla forums, searched some of the suggested fixes implemented them but none seem to cure the problem of frozen videos.
    Has anyone found a permanent fix??

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