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Deals on used handhelds

May 2nd, 2007

At the bottom of this article, I’ll share a link to a cool site that offers used handhelds at a discount, but first, a thought.

As I was paging through "Smartphone and Pocket PC" with my young nephew Jacob (he’s a massive cell phone ethusiast and his younger brother Sam is a massive small screen games player), it occurred to me what’s about to happen…

If you remember the old PC world, there used to be dozens of players. It seemed that a new one entered the market everday. Today, while there are several big manufacturers and retailers, diversity has cooled down considerably.

The same thing happened in the early days of the automobile business. There were scores of car markers in the early days  (sounds weird but it’s true, look it up.)

That’s what we’re  looking at today in mobile computing.  The scope and variety is dizzying and I’m guessing two things:

1. It’s the sign of a a hyper-vital market that is ready to explode
2. A standard is going to emerge and whoever controls or can profit from that standard is going to own a hugely profitable franchise.

Who will it be? I don’t know, but keep your eyes open. Someone’s going to win and if you’re a stock buyer, just buy and hold.

In the short term, here’s how you can get your hands on Pocket PCs for less. It’s called UsedHandHelds.com.



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