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Well I’ll be darned

February 11th, 2007

You know I thought this was going to be the case, but you never know.

Every time a new medium like Internet video comes along, a whole flock of people start making wild
claims for it – as if the TOOL alone is what’s going to make the difference.

There now hundreds (if not thousands) of new ventures that have Internet video at their core.

How many are making money?

Precious few.

It even looks like Google’s purchase of YouTube while it’s bringing
them lots of traffic is not only not making much money, it’s also
exposing them to ever exapanding legal headaches.

So who is making money with Internet video?

The direct marketers of course.

Isn’t this always the way?

That’s why I don’t like to teach Internet video by itself in a vacuum.

It’s for this reason I believe that this year the best place on
earth to learn how to profit from Internet video will be System 2007.

A big claim, I know, but I can back it up.

Here’s how:

Every year before the annual System Seminar I give away a full
seminar’s worth of free "how to" Internet marketing strategies and

My theory…how are people supposed to know what we’ve got if we don’t show them up front?

The first round of free pre-System courses are now online:

1. How to turn eBay into your own private money machine – not by selling stuff, but by giving it away…

2. How to get high rankings and quality links for free,  fast without spending penny one…

3. Simplified, down-to-earth tracking and testing that will rock your world…

4. The Taguchi Method demystified…

Taguchi is the most powerful conversion-boosting technique on the
planet. It’s also the most misunderstood. Cut through the smoke once
and for all and reap the rich rewards.

Four in-depth, no fluff, no BS tele-seminars that you can start profiting from today.

More meat than you’ll get from most paid programs. Online now.


Click here for the System Blog: http://www.thesystemblog.com/


Ken McCarthy

P.S. System 2007 will be held this year in Chicago, April 27 – 29.

This year we’re offering twenty-five specialized  workshops to choose from on every Internet marketing topic under the sun.

If this is the year you want to break into Internet marketing for
real, take a good long look at what we’re doing before you make any
other commitments.

There’s a reason the System is the place where full-time professional Internet marketers go to get their
educations. Find out why. 

Click here for the System Blog: http://www.thesystemblog.com/

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