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January 4th, 2007

Subscriber Dan Buglio point this one out to me…


It’s the newest project of the BabyUniverse.com, an Internet conglomerate which describes itself as "the leading content, commerce, and new media company in the pregnancy, baby, and toddler marketplace."

Not a bad place to be. New parents spend A LOT of money.

They don’t have much choice about it either and the new babies keep coming – thank God.

The site has a lot of bugs (at least with my Firefox-Apple set up), but I like where they’re going with it.

It offers articles, video on demand, and what they call "Baby U-Tube" which will let folks upload their own videos.  I think it makes a TON of sense to offer produced content and user-provided content.

What I’m not sold on is the need for 24/7 streaming "live" TV which they also offer. Then again, maybe it’s a relief for mom’s to just turn the set on and watch without having to make a decision. Lord knows that’s how people have been conditioned to interact with TV and radio.

I guess technically it’s no big deal. Just line up all the programs you want to stream and push start and there’s your live TV. I still have a visceral memory of hosting a radio show and appearing on television programs.  A very hand on, big overhead undertaking. But with "Live" Internet TV, you probably don’t need a soul other than someone to keep an eye on the server from time to tim.

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