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Two birds with one stone

November 28th, 2006

Video is the ultimate "selling at a distance" tool.

It beats text (much as I hate to admit this as a writer)  and it creams audio.


Three reasons:

Internet video: 1)  activates ALL the senses, 2) prospects don’t have to work so hard to follow your story, and – if you can get them to watch your video – 3) you get a level of attention that’s not available any other way.

Video, like all "selling at a distance" mediums, also makes your sales message consistent so that when you find a message that "works", you can work it over and over again for consistent results.

Here’s an example of a sharp company with a great service that after testing all kinds of messages and mediums over the years has discovered that Internet video tells their story better than anything else:

How to sell a complex service with Internet video



P.S. I’m not only impressed by this video ad, I also endorse this company’s service. They’re one of the best kept secrets in Internet marketing.

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  1. November 28th, 2006 at 10:06 | #1

    Hi Ken
    We met in Chicago at Perry’s gig and I bought into your video spiel very much. Here are the fruits of my labour: http://www.topskips.tv
    It’s been live a few days and has already acieved a 40% increase in our conversion rate for what you would call dumpster hire.
    If you type in “skip hire” to google video, you’ll see that’s working well for us (or will when it catches on).
    I’ve also done a wide range of video for various markets I’m entering – just great fun and..thanks for the advice (again).

  2. November 28th, 2006 at 10:34 | #2

    I agree is well done. However, it is not really video. It is basically a narrated presentation and it can be made (with animations and all) using many Powerpoint to Flash converters.

  3. November 28th, 2006 at 10:56 | #3

    You have hit the mark with this one. I am very impressed. I will buy this system. Since my initial introduction to the industry through your business, I have struggled with all of the technical issues of the industry. Due to my age, financial condition, and personal nature I have needed something like sitebuildit.com
    Thanks over and over again.

  4. December 3rd, 2006 at 17:05 | #4

    This isn’t really a video. More of an upgraded Powerpoint presentation. As such it is long. Needs to have a menu up front so you can just click on a topic you want to see (numbers on top don’t cut it).
    The voice-over is somewhat dull and plodding.
    Someone really has to pre-sold to sit through the whole thing.

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