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Google Video gets aggressive

August 16th, 2006

Google has been watching YouTube from the sidelines for quite a while now. In fact, as one of the company’s financial backers and technical advisors, they’ve had a chance to get a real good look under the hood.

And sure enough, by bit, Google Video has become more YouTube-like.

First they added a user-ranking system. Then they made it possible for viewers to add comments. Just like YouTube.

Now Google has taken off the gloves: they’ve put Google Video on their home page.

The end of YouTube?

Not immediately, but other than their fast head start, there is nothing that YouTube is doing that Google can’t duplicate and do a lot more proifitably given its ad network and the prodigious amount of traffic it attracts.

Ken McCarthy

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  1. September 1st, 2006 at 03:30 | #1

    I reckon Google should start a .goovid top level domain (with the govt’s approval), that is exclusively for video.
    They would clean up, and would also cut out the thieving ICANN.
    Then they should start a domain registry called .googdom and put ICANN out of business … and a good thing too.
    Otherwise we will all die a slow internet death under ICANN ‘s proposed new domain renewal gouging system. They plan ‘DIFFERENT PRICING’
    Sound innocent?
    Nope. This is a dangerous new communist style form of ‘tax on success’ where successful domains can be charged a huge amount for renewal just because they are successful.
    Holy cow! This will prevent all of us online entrepreneurs from growing. It is the same effect as if the Trademarks office (USPTO) suddenly decided to start charging the CocaCola company $100 million each year to maintain the registration of their famous brand name – but only charged me $10 each year for my unknown one.
    Total gouging madness.
    There. I spat the dummie.
    Like Godzilla, ICANN is coming.
    Better watch out.
    PS. I have told my entire list too Ken since hearing about it from you.

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