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Simple, powerful

June 29th, 2006

If you’re looking for a way to get started with video on your web site – or even if you’ve been at it for a while – I’ve got something simple and powerful to recommend for you to focus on:

Get testimonials.

Testimonials are a way to let *other* people demonstrate your product by telling their story of how it helped them.

Printed testimonials are powerful. Audio testimonials are even stronger. But nothing beats video testimonials.

How do you get them?

Step One: Create happy customers with a great product or service.

Step Two: Create an occasion where your customers come to you
so you can capture a lot of them on tape all at one time. (Think
seminars and customer appreciation days or even parties.)

Step Three: Hire a camera man.

Not all of the testimonials you shoot will be useable, but if you shoot enough of them you will end up with
gems that I guarantee will be so valuable you wouldn’t want to part with them for any amount of money.

Here’s a tip: If you think "customer success stories" instead of "testimonials" you’re likely to produce much better results.

After all, you’re not looking for amateur spokespeople or
copywriters. You’re looking for raving fans with a  story to tell about
how your product or service helped  them in a CONCRETE way.

Here’s the best part of all this:

Once you’ve collected video of customer success stories, you can now easily put them on the Internet.

Consider this… To press and mail a DVD with sucess stories on them can *easily* cost you $3 or $4 or more per piece.

Streaming the same thing on the Internet costs a fraction of a penny (make sure you’ve got the right kind of host.)

Showing my customer success stories to 10,000 prospects via the mail will cost me $35,000 (@ $3.50 per piece.)

To do the same thing via the Internet: a whole lot less.

If you want to get really cheap and use Google Video to host your clips: zero.

Here’s one way to shoot a customer success story:



Ken McCarthy

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